Occupational Licensing Reform/Job Creation

In many states across the country, workers must obtain government permission to do their jobs. This is known as occupational licensing. Workers often have to show certain educational attainment and training then pay substantial sums of money to get licenses.

While in many cases it makes sense for government to ensure people in certain types of professions have the requisite training and education like pilots and doctors, there are many professions for which occupational licensing is unnecessary like a florists, interior decorators, cosmetologists and barbers.

The more time and money people spend having to get licenses and training for professions that are learned best by doing, the fewer people there are to do these jobs and the more expensive their services become for consumers.

Unfortunately, occupational licensing is often done not in the name of public health and safety, but for the benefit of people established in certain industries. Established businesses should not be able to lobby for occupational licensing standards that simply stand in the way of competitors entering the market. We need to remove outdated and antiquated barriers to opportunities. Reaching America opposes unnecessary occupational licensing and supports efforts that reduce the burden these licenses pose on Americans.

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