Free Speech

In the marketplace of goods and services, we are better off when there is more to choose from. The same applies to the marketplace of ideas, the more voices and opinions that are shared – the better. The efforts of some to silence those with opposing views is a disservice to everyone because ideas are not brought to the table.

The ability to express and debate diverse opinions is the foundation of a free society. Reaching America believes The more voices and views, the better.

However in some places like academic settings, the media, and public forums, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to speak their mind without fear of retribution. While of course being respectful of one another is important, people must always be safe to express their opinions.

Reaching America believes that college campuses and the public square must remain open for debate and discussion. When people lose the ability to express their views and convictions – no matter how controversial – they sacrifice a fundamental, constitutionally-protected right.