PodcastReaching AmericaSeason 3 Ep. 5 Cohen, Mueller, SC Justice Choice, Russia, The NFL Fumbles & more: Special Guest Dr. Henderson

2 years ago

So much to cover on today’s show!

Trump Supreme Court Nominee—Is he a good pick? Not according to Cory Booker.

The NFL and National Anthem is going to be a problem again this year—because it was never resolved.

The Democratic Party has an identity crisis to deal with before November elections.

Michael Cohen, Robert Mueller, Stormy Daniels and Russia…STILL!

White House Banned One of Its Reporters for Asking ‘Inappropriate’ Questions

NIH Funds $772,060 Study on How Well Mexican-Americans on Border Sleep

AND we have special guest Dr. Jason Henderson stopping by to help us weigh in on it all!

Derrick Hollie

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