Criminal Justice Reform

There are areas of the law that have become counter productive. We can both protect the public from criminals and make sure justice is actually being served. Reducing recidivism, taking a hard look at sentencing requirements, and preventing over criminalization will go a long way in making sure our laws are fair to everyone. We need to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline, and make sure our law enforcement officers are equipped with the tools and training to be part of our community.


Occupational Licensing

We are told occupational licensing is a way to ensure public safety, but it has morphed into a way to keep young upstarts from competing with entrenched interests. Young men and women, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, can lose their entrepreneurial spark when confronted by the labyrinthine rules and regulations put in place by licensing schemes. Discouraged, they may turn to illegal ways to get ahead.

Free Speech

It is not just for the majority or those in power that our founders developed the Bill of Rights, but for those whose voices need protecting. President Obama’s Supreme Court appointees have shown themselves far too eager to dispense with the First Amendment when it suits the left’s agenda.

Energy Poverty

Energy poverty occurs when households are unable to afford their basic electric and heating needs because of high energy prices. High energy prices are destructive for all segments of the population, but for the black community the impact is even worse. Many black Americans are already at a disadvantaged economic position, with median incomes 33 percent lower than the national average as recently as 2013.

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