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About The Founder

A seasoned professional with over 25 years of advertising and integrated marketing experience. Derrick has produced several award winning education and outreach campaigns for government, private sector and nonprofit organizations including Johnson Products, Department of State, Department of Commerce, Census 2010, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Volkswagen Group of America and PepsiCo. These campaigns were inclusive of media planning and buying, creative services, event and conference planning.

About Reaching America

Reaching America, a 501 (c) (4) organization developed to address complex social issues impacting communities. We're focused on innovative solutions for African Americans not based on right or left wing views but what makes sense for a more united America. The country is divided right now and racial tension has elevated to levels we experienced in the sixties and seventies. We're at a point where our country needs to be rehabilitated in many ways. Reaching America has positioned itself as a leader in addressing these and other issues affecting African Americans in our country today. We look to encourage and inspire unity among everyone in what we believe is a Modern Day Movement. This will be accomplished utilizing grass root efforts, social media, traditional media and PR. Reaching America will serve as a clearing house to deliver messages and let individuals decide what's best for their own situation. Please join the movement.

Reaching America Issues

  • Criminal Justice Reform - Ideas and solutions to make a more fair and just criminal justice system.
  • Energy- Addressing Energy Poverty Policies that harm minorities and drive income inequality.
  • Occupational Licensing/Job Creation- Working to remove outdated and antiquated barriers to opportunities for those wanting to contribute to our economy.
  • Free Speech- The First Amendment protects Freedom of speech, we should have the ability to express our views without fear of repercussion.